Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Write the Music - Write on Wednesdays

Have decided to join in with Write on Wednesdays... This week's challenge was to turn on the radio and use the first line of lyrics that you hear as the prompt, and then write for 5 minutes. Capital FM didn't provide me with the most emotive of songs but I suppose for today Girls Aloud will have to do...

''Everything he does, he does better than anyone,'' she assures me.
''What does that even mean?'', I reply dubiously.
I cannot tell you how many blind dates I have been been on in the last six months. Too many to count, and I would bore you if I attempted to list them. Let's just say the candidates that I have been to dinner with and attempted to converse with haven't exactly been ideal.
This is the trouble with being the only single woman in your group of friends. You end up being set up with your friends' plumbers, doctors, husbands' golf buddies and so on, all of whom are supposedly 'perfect for you'. Unfortunately this has not been the case with any of the Roberts, Johns or Daves (no Toms, Dicks or Harrys here I'm afraid) that I have batted my eyelashes at. I will be shocked if this latest one that my colleague Rachel is attempting to force upon me, will be any different.
Despite this, in my current single state beggars are not allowed to be choosers, so I will of course be attending the dinner with the infamous Benjamin. I will sit there in a sexy dress attempting to remember what Rachel told me his interests were and pretending that I share the same passions in order to formulate the perfect relationship that I have in mind.
Now...what did she say he liked to do on weekends? ...Walking? Wrestling?...Fairly different past times but I can't remember which it was....will have to brush up on both head locks and hiking just to be safe.

This was all I could manage in the 5 minutes - it went far too quickly! Looking forward to next week's challenge. Would appreciate any comments!


  1. I like it :-) I agree, five minutes is like the blink of an eye when you're being creative.

  2. You did it! Pleased to see you joining in. I thought the last bit was funny, brushing up on head locks and hiking to be on the safe side. Was this all imagination or based on real life, I wonder?

    I hope you enjoyed your first Write On Wednesday. I will look forward to reading more from you.


  3. I think you managed a lot in five minutes. I agree with Gill, the last line is very funny.
    I look forward to reading more.

  4. It made me laugh! I'm guessing that your character is older than I am, but being the only single girl in my group of friends away from college, I also deal with the set-ups. The people who are so clearly NOT perfect for me at all, that my friends still insist I "have to give a chance".
    And like everyone else said - the last line in particular made me laugh. Great writing!
    <3 Kiersten

  5. This was a fun and easy read! You have a really good conversational style - most enjoyable.

  6. I agree with Jayne, your writing flows really smoothly and is a pleasure to read!
    Hmmm, could we be reading the next Sex and the City perhaps?? Hahaha


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