Friday, 30 September 2011

The Rise and Fall of the 'Digi-Date'

As some of you may or may not know, I have been off the single market for sometime. However, with many friends and aquaintances who are unhappily single and seeking, I fear I have developed a rather warped image of the modern dating scene. In the movies, a girl meets a guy, there's a few shy smiles, then phone numbers are traded, a date planned and the relationship blooms from there. But it appears, or so I hear, that things have changed. Long gone is the organic dating style of a girl and a boy having a real life, face to face conversation. Nowadays we are faced instead with navigating our way through the complicated and frankly highly frustrating world of texts, emails and instant messaging. I use this latter phrase loosely however, as on more than one occasion I have been subjected to a female friend's tormented anguish at being able to see on their mobile phone that their current male love interest has read their message on various forms of 'instant messaging' but has, for some unknown reason, not bothered to reply. In my opinion this somewhat dilutes the sensibility of naming such a technology with this title. I personally would have opted for 'occasionally instant, most often very long-winded messaging'...but I suppose that might not have cottoned on so quickly. Of course as the friend I come up with all the unlikely reasons for why he may not have replied, my personal favourite being the wonderfully vague 'maybe he's busy!'

And even if a girl is blessed with being in contact with a guy who is interested and therefore does reply on all these different forms of messaging, the female (and possibly the male, although I am still to conduct research in this area) is then plunged into a world of confusion, attempting to decipher the 'hidden meaning' that could be present in a basic 'yeah I'm good how are you?' kind of message. And believe me this is not a short winded process. This continues even after she might have lost interest in this poor fellow, or in a more optimistic outcome, once they begin a relationship.

So let's take a more positive look at this digital dating and assume that a man and a woman have been technologically chatting via various mediums for a couple of weeks and have covered a majority of topics in which both parties successfully avoided giving any answers that would make the other dismiss them as a no-go. At this point, a date is discussed, accepted and planned. They arrive at said rendezvous, both full of hope at what the evening may develop into, and find that actually they have nothing to talk about. They've already spent two weeks messaging about all the things that would normally be talked about on the first and maybe even second date. But as they have never (or only briefly) met, they do not know eachother well enough to delve into the more serious or personal topics that a third or fourth date might bring. All the fizz and sparkle that was present in the messages somehow dwindles into nothingness when not being typed with a Qwerty Keyboard.

Something to consider methinks when beginning a typed relationship with a potential mate - do not discuss first-date material! Stick to name, date of birth, occupation. Leave hobbies, work anecdotes and where you last went on holiday for real life, face to face interaction. And no, talking via a webcam does not count.

I feel we should revert back to the original form of dating. In my opinion it appeared to spawn a great many successful relationships, so as my mother would say, 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. Why did we even attempt it? I worry that this may have been a clever ruse by mobile telephone companies to increase their user's text and email usage. Stay tuned for my investigation.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Songbird...Write on Wednesdays

I have been a bit lax lately with my blogging, apologies for those who have been eagerly waiting with baited breath for my next post...I'm sure there are oh so many of you...

This week's 'Write on Wednesdays' challenge was to write your interpretation of the lyrics to a song, between 50 and 200 words. I decided to use one of my favourite songs of all time, 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls...

I would give up everything just to hold you, kiss you, touch you. Just one more time, for one more minute. Only when I am with you do I feel whole. Nobody in this cruel world can understand what I am feeling...Only you. I feel lost, incomplete, like I'm drowning. I struggle to breathe as if all the air has gone from the world. All the smiles. All the life. Gone. Just like you.

Write On Wednesdays


Monday, 5 September 2011

A Rare Moment of Romance...

This was a rare moment of creative emotion, and an opportunity for anyone that fancies giving this a read to witness a first draft. I'm thinking this is most likely a 'to be continued' jobbie...

As he took one final glance over the strong broad shoulders that she loved so much, the tear that fell from his seductively blue eyes almost broke her heart. It was taking all her strength to let him walk away without begging him to stay with her. Her frazzled mind was occupied by the sole thought 'How will I cope without him?'. She would miss the devotion, the intimacy, the romance...but most of all she would miss her friend. The conversations that were about nothing in particular but could feel fascinating and last hours. The hysterical, stomach-bursting laughter. His smile that could melt her heart and make her breath catch in her throat. His soothing, velvety voice that would wash over her, calming her even during the most frenzied panic. The way he would hold her too tight, protecting her against the world and shielding her from harm.

Theirs was an intense, fierce love. She could feel the heat of their passion inside her whenever they were together. The tenderness, eagerness and infatuated craving they had for one another was something neither had ever experienced, and knew they could never feel such a way for any other. For some, finding 'the one' is a gradual realisation. For her, it had hit her square in the face the first time he had left her. She had realised that she could live without him, but that she never wanted to.

Watching him walk away had awoken in her a frisson of butterflies at how their relationship might change throughout their time apart. But those were nothing compared to the all-consuming flutters she felt when she thought of seeing him again.


A Great One Liner...(write on wednesdays)

This week's write on wednesdays prompt was that of the 'great one liner', which I have to say struck me as a hell of a challenge, but I've given it a go...(as I am such a rambler I apologise for there being 2 sentences rather than just the one!) Feel free to leave any comments ...
It only took one fleeting moment, one meaningful glance, one heart-faltering look...but she knew their relationship would survive...She smiled, feeling strong, and waved him goodbye.
There's one person that will know how this feels. I actually really enjoyed this.

Versatile Blogger

Today, I very kindly received the Versatile Blogger Award from Sarah Mac at People Don't Eat Enough Fudge :) I have been reading Sarah's pieces for Write on Wednesdays each week and have been thoroughly enjoying them and learning a lot from her techniques, so to have someone express their enjoyment for my ramblings too has put a great big grin on this little person's face :)

I have been told there are 'rules' for things you must do when you win this award that you must share seven things about yourself, so here I go...

1. Both my first name and surname are hyphenated...yes my parents were obviously trying to be funny...they failed in my opinion.

2. I have a massive love for Skips and Lemon Fanta.

3. I can quote along with pretty much any Friends episode.

4. My boyfriend only moved to Hong Kong 3 days ago and I am already missing him.

5. I think I have a slight shopping addiction.

6. I have a fear of heights, yet am planning to do a skydive.

7. My favourite colour varies between red and blue depending on my mood.