Sunday, 3 July 2011

New Blogger...

I am new to the blog thing...thought I'd give it a go, and join those that spend their lives jotting down their rants and raves in the hope that someone somewhere will read and enjoy them.

When creating the blog (which took surprisingly little time...not sure what I was expecting; a government check and intelligence tests on second thought seem a little extreme), I was presented with a demand for a blog name...With no preparation time and an unnecessary feeling of pressure, under which some very odd grammatical combinations sprang to the mind of this highly sleep-deprived individual, I decided on 'the musings of a small one'.

A 'musing' is defined as a contemplation, mediation or that is what this blog will consist of; my contemplations, mediations and/or thoughts on whatever topic strikes my fancy on that particular day.

The latter part of this blog name refers rather blatently, if you could see me that is, to my slight deficiency in the height department. I am vertically challenged, one might say. Personally I believe a little over five feet is the perfect height for a female...however some have been known to disagree, particularly when they become aware that I spend my life on my tip toes and attempting to peer in between people as I have no hope of seeing over their unnecessarily-close-to-the-sky heads.

Here's to the inspiration that will lead me to my first proper blog...

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  1. Hi there. Welcome to blogging. It can be addictive - be warned!

    We would love to have you join in with Write On Wednesdays. It is an excellent way to meet some other bloggers and get writing ideas. We are all in this together and I have found the group a wonderful motivator.

    You still have time to join in with this week's W.o.W exercise. Read this week's exercise here:

    Then write your response to the exercise on your blog. Then pop back to the above link to link up your post. Just click "add link" and then copy and paste the url from your post. Any problems, contact me via my blog! Hope to see you joining in.



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