Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Latest Musings...

Have had a fair few exciting things happen to me in the last few weeks, as well as various events that have given me more than a little food for thought. These are a couple of things that have been, as they say, grinding my gears of late.

Healthy Eating:

The realisation that one is going travelling in less than six months and will therefore be living in a bikini for a prolonged period of time has evoked a fear in me that I must tone up this lump that I call a body. However, with no money going spare whatsoever for something as extreme as a gym membership, I decided to attempt the dreadfully sensible healthy eating option in order to obtain the ideal bikini shape.

Unfortunately I have now discovered that I suffer from what I have decided to term 'Greedy Syndrome'. The notion that if you don't eat whatever unhealthy but unbearably tasty treat is in front of you then someone else will is by far the scariest thought that has ever entered my slightly overweight head. I am convinced that I will forever regret that moment of self-control in which you watch the person chow down on what was sure to be the sugariest, jammiest, tastiest donut in existence.

So, in order to counteract this possible feeling of intense regret, I have taken it upon myself to eat everything unhealthy that is currently in the house. Some might scoff that this is surely not the way to tone up, however I assure you there is logic behind my chewing. I have done this merely to ensure that tomorrow there won't be anything tasty for me to worry that someone else is eating and therefore feel obliged to eat myself. And I shall therefore, in theory, be content in eating my banana and ryvita crackers.

You see? Logical. I shall keep you updated as to how the diet is going...Ooh look a cookie.

The Dreaded Question of a Graduate: 

When I finished university a couple of months ago I was faced with the very serious and intimidating question of 'What am I going to do with my life?'
This question has slowly but surely become my least favoured question EVER. Every person I know seems to have asked me. Parents, aunties, friends, friends' of friends, the doctor, the dentist...the list is endless. They all seem desperate to know of some lifelong ambition that I am supposedly meant to be attempting to achieve sometime in the near future.
The first time I was asked I merely shrugged and said I didn't know yet.
The next few times, I made something up just to fill the silence.
'Astronaut,' I said to some. 
'A celebrity,' I said to others.
I had no idea. So I made them chuckle. That was enough to enable me to change the subject.
But eventually I decided that I should probably actually give this whole job thing a thought, and came up with an extremely career-minded idea....I'm going travelling.

I could not have avoided answering the dreaded question any more could I?

I assume all graduates are suffering from the same annoyance as I am with people that do not matter asking you this. It surely cannot just be me.

There was going to be more but tiredness is taking over as usual. Will blog again soon.


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