Monday, 5 September 2011

A Rare Moment of Romance...

This was a rare moment of creative emotion, and an opportunity for anyone that fancies giving this a read to witness a first draft. I'm thinking this is most likely a 'to be continued' jobbie...

As he took one final glance over the strong broad shoulders that she loved so much, the tear that fell from his seductively blue eyes almost broke her heart. It was taking all her strength to let him walk away without begging him to stay with her. Her frazzled mind was occupied by the sole thought 'How will I cope without him?'. She would miss the devotion, the intimacy, the romance...but most of all she would miss her friend. The conversations that were about nothing in particular but could feel fascinating and last hours. The hysterical, stomach-bursting laughter. His smile that could melt her heart and make her breath catch in her throat. His soothing, velvety voice that would wash over her, calming her even during the most frenzied panic. The way he would hold her too tight, protecting her against the world and shielding her from harm.

Theirs was an intense, fierce love. She could feel the heat of their passion inside her whenever they were together. The tenderness, eagerness and infatuated craving they had for one another was something neither had ever experienced, and knew they could never feel such a way for any other. For some, finding 'the one' is a gradual realisation. For her, it had hit her square in the face the first time he had left her. She had realised that she could live without him, but that she never wanted to.

Watching him walk away had awoken in her a frisson of butterflies at how their relationship might change throughout their time apart. But those were nothing compared to the all-consuming flutters she felt when she thought of seeing him again.


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  1. To be continued? Really? There's so much in that passage it's like poetry... a miniature of rare quality.


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