Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Write on Wednesdays...''The Clock Winked''

Today's write on wednesdays assignment was to write the words 'the clock winked' at the top of the page,and write the first words that come into your head for 5 minutes... I would appreciate any comments :)

The clock winked.

Did the clock just wink?

Why is the clock winking at me?!

Taking a large gulp of cold coffee, Selena glanced to her left at her paper strewn desk and sighed. She had been sat in this position on her bed for far too long.

Sleep was calling to her desperately but she had promised herself she would finish her assignment before giving into her lethargy. However the lack of sleep and overworking of the brain was causing her to hallucinate slightly. At least, she hoped she was hallucinating. At this moment, for example, her lampshade was beginning to peer rather disapprovingly down at her from the ceiling as if it, too, was criticising her lack of essay completion.

The aim had been to pull an all-nighter to finish her assignment that was due for the following day. But, while she had achieved staying awake all night (with the help of excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine), she was somewhat failing on the actual essay-writing part.

She groaned sleepily and allowed herself to drift into a mini-sleep in which she shut her eyes and fantasise about being somewhere far more idyllic than a student bedroom in Portsmouth. She imagined she was lying on a pumped up lilo floating lazily around a perfectly blue, lusciously refreshing swimming pool, with the water lapping at her toes. She had never been a great beach lover (God only knows the places sand can somehow find its way into!) but a swimming pool was a whole different story. The sun was beating down, tanning her pasty arms that in the last six months had been exposed only to the dull and dreary weather of Britain.

Ah, much better.

The only sounds she could hear were the swishing of the water, the chirping of the crickets, the slirping of the straw in her cocktail as she sipped her Pina Colada... and a very annoying Bleep Bleep Bleep!

Wait, what's bleeping?!

She jerked awake as the noise from her laptop signalling its dying battery increased in volume.

Even the computer is against me. Ugh, reality.

Plugging in the laptop charger, she grabbed the textbook again and turned her attention back to her essay.

Don't you wink at me Mr Clock, I'm working again now.

Write On Wednesdays



  1. Greetings from along the coast in Brighton! Nice WoW entry: takes me back to my time at Chichester Uni; lots of daydreaming then!

  2. I loved this! It makes me want to read more...I'd have happily kept reading about Selena and her daydreaming. ;)

    Well done.

  3. I can totally understand her need to drift off and daydream! Loving her hallucination....it's amazing what a tired mind can do. Visiting from WOW.

  4. I definitely understand this, as a current college sophomore! Great job writing it - I want to know if she ever finished the essay! :)
    <3 Kiersten

  5. Great little short story. Procrastinators unite! =)

  6. This made me smile - i know just how Selena felt in this piece! (funny, one of my characters was also a Selena this week!)!

  7. I like your writing style. There seems to always be a touch of humour in your writing, I like this. Great ending. The clock needs telling off sometimes. Another great exercise from you for WoW!



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